hotline cat

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m still not quite over the high school pre-calculus teacher who dressed as Drake for Halloween and busted out some legit ‘Hotline Bling’ dance moves in the middle of class. (Seriously, he’s made me question my feelings about differential equations and, you know, math in general.)

Other Hotline Bling dancers we’re most definitely not over here at Hello Giggles: Mr. G from Summer Heights High, Sufjan Stevens, and the most badass pug in the known universe. Also of note, Sam Smith’s dreamy cover and Erykah Badu’s hilarious remix.

But if anyone can steal my ‘Hotline Bling’-loving heart away from the aforementioned musical geniuses, it’s an amaze cat in a new video uploaded to Vimeo.

This is one cool cat, you guys. And I mean that quite literally. He’s pretty much the feline embodiment of Drake. Not only has he got rhythm, he’s got major attitude. I mean, CATTITUDE. (You knew I would go there, right?)

We suspect he’s got some help with his moves from his owner, who goes by “Asian Mike Lavin.” (In fact, for a minute there, I thought I was looking at a puppet instead of a living, breathing cat.) But that really doesn’t matter. When the cat closes his eyes, you know he’s feeling the Drake vibe. Big time. He’s into it, guys.

Check him out. He’s too cool for school (even the aforementioned pre-calc class):

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[Image and video via Vimeo.]