Kitty Kitty Meow Meow is having somewhat of an identity crisis. To put it bluntly, this adorable tortoise shell calico kitty thinks she’s a pig. But hey, that’s okay. If she wants to be a pig, we say go, girlfriend. Be the best possible pig you can be. Rock your inner swine! Luckily for Meow (her nickname, which is totally adorbs but under the circumstances should perhaps be changed to Oink…just a suggestion) her besties at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary feel the same way we do and are perfectly happy to let her be a pig.

Meow wandered onto the sanctuary’s property in Kanab, Utah, one day and made herself at home. Good work, Meow. I mean, if you’re going to pick a place to live, a super amazing animal shelter seems like a solid choice when you’re a cat. Or…um, a pig.

The shelter staff at Best Friends gave Meow a medical exam and had her spayed. Then they introduced her to the other cats at the sanctuary, but as they say in the video below, “she let us know that she never wanted to live inside.” Okay, then. According to People, every time the shelter staff took Meow inside, she escaped in order to go outside and hang out in the area of the shelter called Piggy Paradise where (you guessed it) the pigs all hang out together. So the shelter finally acquiesced and let Meow move in with the pigs. Permanently.

That was twelve years ago, and Meow is still living her best life with all her pigs friends.

She even has her own little “insulated residence” on the porch so she can stay outside with the pigs in inclement weather. Snow, sleet, hail…Meow’s not leaving her piggy besties. And they truly are her besties, because they bring out the absolute best in Meow. Once shy and standoffish, she’s now friendly and outgoing. That’s what happens when you’re happy and living authentically!

Meow even has a new nickname. (Not Oink, although I’m still pulling for that one.) The shelter staff now calls her Queen of Piggy Paradise. A fitting title indeed. Check out this royal sweetheart in the video below:

[Imagea via Twitter, Shutterstock]