Trilby Beresford
June 05, 2016 7:56 am
Paramount Pictures

Among the classic ’90s comedies we love is The First Wives Club, starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton. It’s an adaptation of Olivia Goldsmith’s brilliant novel, about three divorced women getting their mojo back, and it’s now being adapted again into a TV show by TV Land!

So far a couple of actresses have been cast in the pilot, and we are pleased to announce that they are Alyson Hannigan (aka Lily on How I Met Your Mother) and Megan Hilty (from Smash). There’s no word on the third yet…but we’re waiting and crossing our fingers that it’s someone equally awesome.

We just know that these ladies are going to bring a fresh perspective to the familiar story of The First Wives Club, which revolves around three women in San Francisco who were friends at school. When a mutual college friend passes away in a sudden accident, the three reunite and use one another as support networks for the difficult stage of life they find themselves in: the divorce stage. What follows after that is a quest to seek revenge on the husbands who wronged them and left them for younger women. Is that a killer premise, or what?

Hannigan will play the Diane Keaton role of a frustrated English professor finally planning to bail out on her very dead marriage, and Hilty will play the Goldie Hawn character — a formerly successful actress who now makes cheesy commercials to put food on the table for her eight-year-old son.

The show is written by Rebecca Addelman, who’s responsible for writing quite a few New Girl episodes, including fan (and Nick/Jess shipper) favorites “Cooler,” and “Parking Space.” So it looks like she’s well prepped for both comedy and romance. Armed with the information we have, we’re betting that it’s a winner already.