Casper the Friendly Ghost puts himself over Christina Ricci's mouth in a still from the 1995 movie.
Credit: Universal Pictures

Casper the Friendly Ghost makes us smile with glee. Yes – he’s a floating, translucent ghost, but he’s also a personable little fella. He doesn’t want to haunt people. He wants to make friends. Recently, writer Daniel Kibblesmith noticed something rather peculiar about Casper the Friendly Ghost and shared it on Twitter.

Huh. Now that you mention it, it is a bit of a head-scratcher. Isn’t it? In one image, Casper is filling up with ice and snow from a rooftop. In another, Casper splices himself in half to pick apples off a tree. His top half is picking apples, while his bottom half is being used as a bucket to collect apples.

Holy smokes, what is this about?

Writer K. Thor Jensen had this to say about the physics behind Casper’s being.

We think there might be something to the idea of the ectoplasmic membrane as a potential explanation.

According to Biology Online, a “membrane” is a “thin layer of tissue covering a surface or lining.” That seems simple enough.

When we looked up “ectoplasm,” the definition is vastly more complicated. This is what How Stuff Works: Science had to say:

Again, we say – huh. Does that really explain all of this?

Probably not. One thing we do agree on is @elle91’s definitive statement:

Agreed. Casper the Friendly Ghost has friends to make and places to float to. Like most of us, he values his time. He may have exponentially more than most of us, but still, he values it. This little ghost proves how a little personality can go a long way. We adore him for it.