Madeleine Aggeler
Updated November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving: a time for family, friends, football, and rampant food-related anxiety.

Last week, my office was thrown into a full on Contagion-level panic by the upcoming holiday.

“I had pizza for lunch today, it’s so bad” a coworker revealed in the same hushed tone one might use to confess backing over your neighbor’s beagle. “I should be fasting or something to prepare.”

My office wasn’t alone.

So whether you’re indulging this holiday season, or trying to lose a couple of pounds, Trotman’s tweets are an important reminder that food is not your enemy. Food is a friend who keeps you strong and healthy, who brings you together with those you love, and who, as an added bonus, tastes delicious. And what more could you want from a friend?