Briana Hansen
Updated Apr 03, 2016 @ 8:24 am
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Sometimes you’re in the mood to watch a sweet, wholesome family movie. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a heart-pounding, gory action flick. And sometimes, you can’t choose between the two.

Well thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, you no longer need to. YouTube user HBriltz has gloriously mashed up Disney/Pixar’s Cars with Max Max. An unlikely combination with an even unlikelier result: It actually makes Cars look like it’s the same high-intensity, dark, dystopian story as the one told in Mad Max.

Credit: Walt Disney Picture & Pixar Animation Studios/YouTube

In the video’s description, HBriltz explains that this project was made for a class. Thinking to combine two totally different genres of movies who’s only real similarity is love of cars and gasoline is totally imaginative and inventive. We hope this result got an A+ because it’s nothing short of brilliant.

Using Mad Max‘s exhilarating music as a backdrop with the visual world of Cars, the video is cut perfectly to makes the innocent world of Lightning McQueen filled with menace and war. HBriltz takes advantage of the fact that Cars is animated and chooses perfect moments to insert Mad Max dialogue to really sell the mash-up. Watching Chick Hicks convincingly deliver the iconic, “Oh what a day! What a lovely day!” is the most magical movie moment you’ll ever see. It’s so convincing that you genuinely expect to see the Guitar Guy show up in animated form during a one of the race scenes.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/ Tumblr

Check it out for yourself. It’ll make you shudder in apocalyptic-style expectation next time you watch Cars…or go on the Cars ride at Disneyland.