People have very, very strong feelings about carrot cake. Some folks absolutely love it. Others, well, probably feel like the dog in this gif.

Credit: Imgur

The point is, though, that even if you do enjoy some carrot cake, you might be a bit perplexed by the new carrot cake-flavored Hershey’s that are coming to your drugstore this spring.

Yes, that’s right. The flavor masters at Hershey’s are making orange-colored Hershey’s kisses that are supposed to somewhat resemble carrot cake. Now, we’re assuming this is carrot cake sans raisins or coconut or walnuts or any of the other random chunky bits that are sometimes found in carrot cake.

Truth is, though, we at Hello Giggles have absolutely no idea how to feel about this. On the one hand, new flavor, and that’s always kind of cool, right? On the other hand, carrot cake isn’t even the best cake flavor, really, so why would you want to make it into a chocolate kiss? Wouldn’t a dulce de leche kiss or a cookie dough kiss be a potentially better idea?

And we’re not the only ones having some feels about these new kisses. The Twittersphere’s reaction ranges from intrigued…

To perplexed…

To completely horrified…

Would you try them? Will you try them? Curiosity will likely get the best of us, too, but we’re keeping our expectations lower than usual.