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Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, Amy Poehler and Aimee Mann walk into a room — no, that’s not the setup for some sort of fantasy smart lady gathering. In fact, three generation-defining musicians and the TV feminist queen of our hearts all got together for one epic Instagram snap, and redefined one of the buzziest words of this year. Move over, #squadgoals: We’re here for #covengoals.

In the past half year, the use of the word “squad” to describe a group of friends has taken off. First popularized by the rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who would shout the word as a gathering call for his, well, squad, “squad” and “#squadgoals” are now as much a part of the popular lexicon as “on fleek” or “Dad/Mom” in relation to celebrity figures. And though many people falsely attribute the rise of squad to Taylor Swift and her gang of high-profile besties, she certainly brought the term firmly into the mainstream.

Brownstein, however, wants nothing to do with “squad.” As she puts it in a recent snap of her and Poehler, Mann, and Gordon, “We’re all over 40. Don’t call us a squad. We’re a f***ing coven.” Just look at the foursome in their sage, badass glory:

Brownstein’s coven has been remarkably consistent; a little over a year ago, she took a similar snap with the exact same people. That time, she dubbed them the “First Wives Club”:

The use of “coven” is its own timely choice. The Guardian described the current popularity of witches and witch terminology as such: “This self-awareness is arguably a reflection of this generation’s own willingness to gaze inward. Witches in pop culture now reflect the feelings of isolation, confusion, or the need to band together for a greater good – especially if you’re a woman.” And of course, let’s not discount the popularity of the American Horror Story: Coven season, whose gorgeous cast and magical theatrics brought witches back in a big way.

Brownstein’s currently ramping up for a book tour: Her memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl hits bookshelves on October 27, and she’s sitting down with some famous friends like Questlove, Aidy Bryant, and yes, Poehler herself across North America to chat about the book and, presumably, their friendship. For more information and tickets, check out her book tour website; a full list of dates, venues, and guests is below:

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