best career based on your handwriting style
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We’re big believers in writing letters, journal entries, to-do lists, and even grocery lists by hand. Call us old-fashioned, but there’s something therapeutic about physically putting pen to paper. We’re also endlessly fascinated by different handwriting styles and what they say about a person. So, it comes as no surprise that today, January 23rd, we’re celebrating National Handwriting Day.

You might not realize it, but things like the size, slant, and shape of different handwriting styles say a lot about a person’s personality, thoughts, and character. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be surprised by how much information you can learn about someone—or even about yourself—just by analyzing handwriting.

Just in time for National Handwriting Day, we spoke with Emma Bache, the U.K.’s leading handwriting expert, about graphology. Her book, Reading Between the Lines: What Your Handwriting Says About You, published by Quercus, is a fascinating and informative resource. It’s filled with thorough explanations, examples, and exercises that will teach you the basics of identifying different handwriting styles.

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Bache shared examples of different handwriting styles and identified the career that best suits each one. Scroll through to find which style is closest to yours, then see if a career change is in order.

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“This writer has a strong right slant and open ovals, which makes them outgoing, chatty, and able to close a deal.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“Vertical slant, carefully cropped Ts, and regularity of size amount to a numerical perfectionist.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“This writer has a less regular handwriting [style] and evidence of embellishment, which points to a creative, independent thinker.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“Look out for the flattened middle zone and the firm pressure for a writer who can be both practical and methodical.”

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“Tall upper zones, speedy writing, and small middle zones show an empathetic, scientific mind.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“A combination of garland and angled connections, along with carefully-formed strokes, show literary skills, but also perfectionism.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“Regularity of size and spacing, with a gentle right slant, shows a dependable and law-abiding writer.”

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“Tall upper zones, heavy pressure, and wide spaces between the words indicate a hardworking, risk-taking, and independent character.”

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“Lots of garland strokes and small spaces between the words show a friendly perfectionist with a need to communicate.”

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“Tall upper zones, speedy writing, and original formations indicate an intelligent, problem-solving individual.”

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“Speedy writing, rightward slant, and a strong T-bar point to a writer that would never miss a scoop.”

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“A steady, even hand with plenty of legibility indicates a need to help others in an organized, constructive manner.”

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“An upward rising baseline with open ovals show a chatty, enthusiastic salesman.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“Strong personal pronouns, firm pressure, and long lower zones highlight the hardworking discipline required to be self-employed.”

Credit: Courtesy of Quercus

“Disconnection of letters and thread formation point to a career where intuition and an investigative mind is key.”

Reading Between the Lines is available wherever books are sold.