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Hold on to your horses! It may not be a new year quite yet, but it is a new season…a new astrological season. The cosmos have been busy working it, with all kinds of happenings going on, but the latest and greatest is the turn to Capricorn season on December 21st. Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, and ushers in a season of earthy, grounded energy that’s serious, but doesn’t skimp on the fun. And since Capricorn season begins the day of the Winter Solstice — the shortest day and longest night of the year (and the first day of winter) — we’re really ushering in a new era, one of introspection. T’s time to make sure we have our feet in the right place before we launch into a new year.

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac and the third, and final, earth sign. Capricorn energy is sure-footed, down to earth, grounded, and practical. But Capricorn is always on the quest for something deeper, both spiritually and intellectually. This is the perfect energy to embrace as we enter a new year, keeping our minds engaged with new pursuits. Capricorn is also all about structure, and having a stern foundation.

The thing is, this Capricorn season is special. Not only did we enter the season the same day as the Winter Solstice, which is when we embark on a journey to embrace our shadows, but Saturn has just moved into a three-year stay in the sign of Capricorn, and will be there until December 17th, 2020. Saturn rules over structure, control, and time, and just ended its reign in fiery and expansive Sagittarius. Capricorn is actually ruled by the planet Saturn, meaning this energy is intensified. Astrostyle explains the energy of Saturn in Capricorn, saying,

This is a period when we really start to work on creating solid ground (much like Capricorn season itself), while setting our vision to the next few years ahead.

And don’t forget — Mercury is still retrograde, meaning these lessons we’re learning on building a steady foundation may feel more convoluted and “messed up” than usual, especially with issues around technology, communication, and travel. But don’t worry, things will go back to normal after Mercury goes direct on December 23rd, and ends its shadow period (when the energies are still just as intense) two weeks later.

Capricorn season is asking you to plan.

A new year calls for a new you! Capricorn season is asking you to plan, get it figured out, and then make it happen. Oh! And not to skimp on the fun while you do so. Saturn is all about time management, so get yourself a new planner, and schedule in goals and ways to get yourself on track this new year. Don’t go overboard in planning either. Give yourself some Mercury Retrograde-approved wiggle room in case things go in an unexpected direction. Work on one goal at a time, and break it into easy and digestible steps to really make the most of it. While you’re at it, schedule some fun time for yourself! We talked to astrologer Jessica Adams to help us get focused on what this Capricorn energy means in terms of planning. She explains,

Capricorn is associated with The Devil tarot card.

Okay, so don’t freak out, The Devil card isn’t actually evil. The Devil card isn’t actually the devil either, but the greek god Pan, the half-man, half-goat nature god. He’s seen in front of a man and a woman trapped in chains. But here’s the thing — while the Devil represents feeling trapped and stuck, in reality the chains are loose and the man and woman can escape whenever they want.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and structure. And while it’s important to recognize the expectations of yourself and the world around you, it’s equally as important to remember that if they’re too much or not serving you, you have the opportunity to let go and move on.

Work with Hematite and Obsidian this Capricorn season.

Crystals have a perfect molecular structure said to help realign our biomagnetic field, also known as our aura! For Capricorn season and the beginning of a new year, Hematite and Obsidian are the perfect allies to work with. Obsidian is actually lava that cooled quickly, and it has a very grounding and cleansing affect. Obsidian helps clear and transmute negative energy, while providing insight into distress, removing self-limitations, and increasing spontaneity.

Hematite is another stone that’s also very grounding and protective, while boosting self-esteem and willpower. Hematite also helps us remove self-limiting beliefs while encouraging expansion. Hematite helps us focus, enhancing memory and allowing us to see mistakes as learning opportunities. Keep these stones on your desk, in your purse or pocket, or on your altar. You can also meditate with them, work magick with them, and breathe with them to feel their effects energetically.

Work with visualizations to help keep you on track.

Jessica suggests a visualization to help you focus on your goals the next few years, to help you think about how and where you want to get where you’re going. She says,

And if you need some inspiration, turn to famous Capricorns, and shows and movies, that embody this energy.

If you’re looking for a movie to get you in the Capricorn spirit, Jessica suggests It’s A Wonderful Life, “the ultimate Capricorn film to watch at Christmas.” She also suggests watching reruns of Seinfeld and paying special attention to Elaine (Julia-Louis Dreyfus), whose professional life is perfectly strange and totally laughable.

As far as celebrities go, channel your inner Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Moss, and Kate Middleton to really embrace the fashionable and regal power woman you are. Let the strong, vivacious, and independent spirit of these Capriqueens inspire you to embrace your best and boldest self this season and new year.

No matter how you spend Capricorn season, may it set you up for the most magical year yet.