Rachel Paige
May 05, 2016 3:10 pm

I am a huge fangirl, but I’m by no means a die-hard ‘shipper for any pairing out there. With that being said, if I think too hard about the ending of Captain America: The First Avenger I’ll cry.

It’s hard not to be completely heartbroken considering the events of the movie build up the relationship between newly-built super soldier Steve Rogers and SSR Agent Peggy Carter so much. By the end I’m hoping and praying that they get their once dance — a running discussion throughout the movie, since both of them are looking for the right dance partner, and it’s AH-DOR-ABL. They even make plans to have their first dance, next Friday night, after Steve has saved the world. It’s cute!

But they don’t get their dance. They don’t dance because in order to save the world, Steve has to crash his ship into icy cold waters, and Peggy has to let him do it, and are you already crying? It’s SO SAD. 

Now this super-sad ending of First Avenger shows us that Steve 100% not dead. He finds himself in New York City, the same city he left behind, but everything is different. Meanwhile, Steve’s still completely the same, because genetically modified super strength will do that to a person.


After waking up (aka, dethawing) the Avenger’s babysitter handler, Nick Fury, asks Cap what’s wrong. Steve’s simple reply back is like punching me in the heart. He says, “I had a date.” HE DID HAVE A DATE. HE HAD A DATE WITH PEGGY! 70 YEARS AGO!!


Meanwhile, Peggy has gone on to live a complete and full life without him and do you hear that sound? IT IS MY HEART. SHATTERING. AND THEN MENDING ITSELF BACK TOGETHER. AND THEN SHATTERING AGAIN, AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. BRB, CRYING FOREVER.

I’m by no means a shipper; whoever these fine writers and storytellers want to pair together, I’ll support it. But with Steve and Peggy I’m like ride or die. I think about Peggy having to get on with her life, knowing that her ~one tru luv~ is “dead” (Cap’s not really dead whaaaaaah). I think about Cap waking up from his slumber, and being like TIME TO GET ON WITH MY LIFE, and the lady he left behind has moved on, gotten her own TV series on ABC, found a new love, and it’s just so, so sad.

Like imagine making plans with someone for next Friday and then the world almost ends and you are frozen in ice, and when you finally get your bearings together again everything has changed and you’re in a brand new world. 

Also, Peggy Carter is hands down the best Marvel female. Within the first few seconds of her introduction in First Avenger, she punches a dude in the face! God, I love her so much and I just want her to be happy with her life. I know she is happy, and she does have a long, full life, because it’s later discussed in Winter Soldier, but now Peggy is old and bedridden and trying to desperately to remember Steve’s face.


It’s clear that she’s happy, and she had a life. But I  wanted her to be happy and have a life WITH STEVE! HAPPILY EVER AFTER! [collapses into a puddle of fells and splashes around in it]

It still pains me that Steve and Peggy are now in two completely different timelines: Steve’s present day savin’ the world and stuff, while Peggy is back in the late 1940s. They’re now like two ships passing in the night, or in my heart, two ‘ships that were never truly meant to be. I watched First Avenger the other night, and I bawled my eyes out at the end. Thanks, Marvel.

Even though they’re not meant to be, I still hold out hope for Cap and Peggy. Maybe, one day, they’ll get that dance. And I’ll be shipping them till the end of the line.