Olivia Harvey
September 07, 2017 9:12 am

They grow up so fast! The eldest of the littlest royals, Prince George, arrived to his first day school this morning looking nervous, as every first-timer does. Escorted by his dad Prince William and Head of Lower School Helen Haslem, the 4-year-old prince entered Thomas’s Battersea for his first year of full-time education.

Wearing the Thomas’s uniform — a navy sweater with an embroidered emblem and matching shorts — little George is the epitome of cuteness.

Dad even brought along a matching Thomas’s backpack, which we’re imagining is filled with snacks and love notes from George’s royal parents stuck to a PB&J with the crust cut off.

Getty Images / WPA Pool

Prince William took George to school without his wife, Kate Middleton — for good reason. Currently, Princess Kate is struggling with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, an extreme case of morning sickness. The condition only affects 3% of pregnancies and Kate suffered with the same diagnosis during her previous two pregnancies.

But while mom rested, dad did just fine bringing his little one to school. Although, George looked a bit wary. Almost as if he’s thinking, “Dad, are you sure about this whole ‘school thing?'”

Getty Images / WPA Pool

“Because we could turn around right now and head back home, no problem,” George is telepathically saying to Prince William.

Getty Images / WPA Pool

Hello?!” He yells into the void. “Is there anyone out there who can get me out of this mess?”

Getty Images / WPA Pool

Don’t worry, George. The first day of school is scary for everyone. Just remember to play nice and help others, and you’ll be golden. You got this, kid.

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