Natalia Lusinski
August 28, 2016 2:03 pm
Freeport Bakery/Facebook

Most people have had the pleasure of trying out a Barbie doll cake, either at their own birthday or at a friend’s party. But few people have ever had a Ken doll cake… until now. Recently, Sacramento-based Freeport Bakery just made such a cake — and it’s was so unique we can’t take our eyes off of it.

We love it so much, we wouldn’t even want to eat it!

But, some people were not fans of the cake. Marlene Goetzeler, Freeport Bakery co-owner, explained to KTXL TV that they were having some issues with people not universally loving the dessert.

She said, “Naively, I guess I just thought this is a really cool cake, and look at how great they did with the butter cream.”

And since it ~is~ a really cool cake, why are people so upset about it?

Goetzeler started receiving negative comments on Facebook, and people also started to “unlike” the bakery’s Facebook page because of it.

Bravo /

“I was shocked that somebody would be offended,”

Goetzeler said.

One cake-hater commented, You can dress up a plastic doll but sorry to burst your bubble. A person’s DNA determines their sex.” But, according to GLAAD, For transgender people, the sex they were assigned at birth and their own internal gender identity do not match.”

So is the cake transgender?

Some have called the cake “transgender,” though wearing clothing of the opposite sex does not make someone transgender. If only Ken could speak and tell us. Although, it really doesn’t matter. Ken can wear a dress, Ken can wear cargo pants, Ken can be straight, Ken can be transgender. Barbie, too, for that matter.

Goetzeler told The Huffington Post that making a transgender cake was not her intention, but she would have been fine with that, too.

“In the beginning, I thought ‘What’s the big deal?’ but now I realize how important it is to take a stand if you believe in something,” Goetzeler said.

And we are glad she did.


Of course, we aren’t the only ones.

“What a fantastic job you did on this cake!! Thank you for your open-mindedness and skill; I know your customer must’ve been thrilled with their order,” commented Lynda Bowlin on Facebook.

“Yeah, haters gonna hate,” said Steven Eagle on Facebook. Lovers, though, gonna love! Especially those colors; they work so well with his skin tone. Beautiful work. Much love from the Hudson Valley.”

Much love from us, too.