Extra Crispy
Updated Jun 23, 2017 @ 10:12 am
Credit: Getty Images/Grace Chon

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but I’ve heard the same thing said about coffee. Both dogs and coffee are warm, and energizing, and wake you up long before you’d like to be up, but you always forgive them. Fortunately, Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company wants to unite these two bringers of joy. Grounds & Hounds is a coffee company that donates 20 percent of each purchase to a canine rescue shelter located close to the purchaser. As they say, “every pound saves a hound.”

Founder Jordan Karcher fell hard for his dog, Molly, when he stumbled across a dog adoption event in Santa Monica, CA. While he didn’t expect to walk away with a dog that day, Molly climbed into his lap, and the rest is history. This experience led to Karcher’s exposure to the “drastic shortfall of suitable homes and safe haven shelters for abandoned dogs,” as he says on Grounds & Hounds website. According to a PR email, Karcher and Molly quickly fell into a routine of morning walks with a coffee in hand, sparking the idea that a coffee company could be a way to help dogs like Molly. Grounds & Hounds began in March of 2014.

Grounds & Hounds offers ten different kinds of coffee, ranging from single origin brews from places like Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia, as well as blends with dog-friendly names like Alpha and Sit & Stay. Their coffee is 100 percent Fair Trade and Organic certified. So next time you need to buy coffee, consider letting your purchase go to the dogs.