Alim Kheraj
Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 4:01 am
Burger King
Credit: Burger King

Today is supposedly one of the most romantic days of the year depending if that’s your kind of thing. It can also be a pretty hard day for some people, too. Regardless, Burger King have launched a sexy adults meal that’s only for 18+.

This February, things are getting a bit steamy and we’re getting a bit flustered. Not only is it Valentine’s Day (okay, we know that this happens every year, but we’re sensitive souls), but there’s also a new Fifty Shades movie to get us hot under the collar (or not, depending on what you’re into).

Given how much sex and romance is on offer, however, a recent study found that millennials often have a difficult time choosing between food and sex (it’s food, right?)

Well, Burger King wants to do away with choices, and give you both food AND sex.

The fast-food chain is offering a special “Adults Meal” at their Israel locations, and we’re pretty darn intrigued.

According to Eater, the box meal comes loaded with two Whopper burgers, two portions of fries, and two beers, because why not? Oh, it also includes an adult sex toy, too!


Yep, it seems that Burger King Israel is putting sex toys in their Adult Meals, and tbh we actually LOVE this idea. From the trailer for the meal, it seems that the toys included vary from a blind fold, a head massager, and a kinky feather duster. Ooh eer!

This isn’t the first time that Burger King has offered something for Valentine’s Day as the chain have a special cup for couples to share their sodas (although only in France). Or, perhaps you’d like to spend a romantic spa day with your partner at this Burger King spa in Helsinki?

For those of you in Israel and wanting to celebrate with your loved one, you can go and pick up an Adult Meal at participating restaurants from 6pm tonight. What a time to be alive.