Sabrina Stone
April 01, 2015 8:04 am

Easter is coming! Bunny stuff is everywhere. The world has upped its cute factor with phrases like “Keep calm and love bunnies!” and Russell Stover is making “Bunny Money” which is a currency I trust like no other.

As usual, the best, cozy handmade bunny themed items that you didn’t even know you needed are on Etsy. Here’s a sampling:

These ultra girly grown-up size crocheted bunny slippers that will keep your toes warm until Spring officially gets here.

This punny little bunny print for someone who you find to be ear-esistible.

This slumbering bunny pillow, so you can go “zzzzzz awwwww zzzzzz awwwww zzzzzz awwwww.”

This magical winged bunny charm from Becky Bumble that you can keep in your pocket or close to your heart.

This bunny that I almost didn’t recognize as a bunny because she was so well disguised… as a bunny!

This love bunnies tank that I need to own in every single color RIGHT NOW!

This pair of the world’s fluffiest stuffed bunnies.

This recycled notebook, for recording all of your fuzziest thoughts.

This fabulously regal rabbit card.

This photo of a pretty little Finnish bunny, deep in reflexion, of her own reflexion!

This beautifully painted wall decal that almost feels like having the real thing.

This huge huggable pillow for every single time you need a huge huggable pillow.

And a print of a whole bunch of sweet little ones having the best dreams about sunshine and butterflies and carrot patches.

(Images via Russell Stover, Etsy)