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October 23, 2014 6:00 am

For decades of first dates, people have been asking the classic question, “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” Being a “dog person” makes you seem outdoorsy and energetic; “cat people” are thought of more as the cozy bookworm type. But what is the assumption if you tell you them you’re a “bunny person?”‘

Well, it may be no surprise that the wonderfully quirky comedian Amy Sedaris is a bunny person and mom to several of the long-eared little guys; but did you know that supermodel Cara Delevingne is so proud of her little Cecil that she’s featured him in photo shoots and given him his own Instagram account? What about the American iconic badass, Clint Eastwood? He’s got a rescue bunny named Autumn. And me? I’m an artist living in a one-bedroom bachelorette pad in Manhattan with a fuzzy little rabbit named Ella.

As you can tell, “bunny people” are kind of hard to categorize, but we’re often professionally creative and we’re all aware of the well-kept secret that rabbits can, in a lot of subtle ways, improve your life. Here’s some proof:

Bunnies Help You Stay Healthy

Although I love animals, I’m not a vegetarian and I can’t resist the occasional burger. Still, thanks to my bunny, I eat my fair share of fruits and veggies. Having a rabbit in the house ensures that you’ve got a fridge stocked with fresh lettuce and carrots and kale. My years of bunny cohabitation has completely changed the way I shop for groceries. And just witnessing the joy my bunny feels when she eats a grape, makes me want to eat more fruits too.

Bunnies Keep You Calm

Have you ever seen one of these little guys jump back, run away, or curl up in a ball when you go to touch them? That’s cause they’re prey animals. Mine, in particular, is always afraid that you’re going to steal her tail. Though I firmly believe that her tail should remain just where it is, she still won’t let me snuggle her if I’m all nervous energy. Rabbits trust calm, slow movements, and most will curl up next to you for hours if you’re sitting still, reading a book, or typing on your laptop. As someone who’s anxiety-prone, I’m forced to be calmer and do more meditative tasks when I’m around her if I want to keep her snuggling by my side.

Bunnies Are Joyful

It’s impossible not to let out the occasional squeal or giggle when you see a bunny hop across your plane of sight or a bright white tail dash out of your periphery. A lot of people had bunnies as children and having one as an adult brings you back to that Beatrix Potter place in a wonderful way. Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a bunny “binky,” but it’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever. (See above!) They do this little head shake where their ears flop everywhere and then they jump around in these playful circles, landing with a complete look of incredulity like, “What just happened? Was I possessed? How high did I go?! Watch me do it again!”

Bunnies Need You

Life can be kind of lonely; it’s nice to be taken care of but it’s also nice to be needed. Rescue rabbits will look at you the same way any shelter pet will. They recognize you. They love you. They’re grateful. A lot of shelters take in stray rabbits nowadays. I know “stray rabbits” sounds like an almost funny phrase, like, “Where would they come from?” But mine was found hopping across the street in Harlem, nearly hit by a car and absolutely shivering with terror. People abandon rabbits all the time, and it’s heartbreaking. Rabbits are bought as gifts for kids too young and distracted to take care of them. People don’t realize that most rabbits get pretty big, and although they don’t require constant attention, they do require fresh food, daily exercise, and visits to the vet on occasion, and they can easily live to be 8 or 10 years old. That’s a commitment that a lot of people aren’t ready for. If you are, then you can go ahead and save a life: a furry, affectionate, innocent, little bunny life!

Bunnies Can Give You A Sense of Accomplishment

Did you know that you can litter train a rabbit? This is another upside to adopting. Like cats and dogs, bunnies can’t be spayed or neutered until they’re a few months old, but once they are, they have far fewer aggressive scent glands and are way less likely to go to the bathroom all over your apartment. Most shelters will have already done this with adoptable bunnies; others, like the Humane Society, will do it for a very small expense. Did you also know you can teach rabbits tricks and get them to respond to their name? Yup. It’s awesome. Sometimes my rabbit even lets me pull her out of a hat and I feel like I’m made of magic.

Bunnies Bring Out Your Softer Side

Have you ever noticed that when a product proudly states, “not tested on animals,” it’s usually accompanied by the logo of a rabbit? That’s because bunnies are a classic symbol of innocence and the epitome of cuteness. For generations, teachers and parents have tried to cultivate a sense of responsibility and kindness by having a class rabbit or a bunny as a childhood pet. More than half the people I know smile when I say I have a pet bunny and think fondly about their own childhood. They bring out the best people. Bunnies are wonderful, loving little creatures, and one just might be able to improve your world!

Sabrina Stone is wise when she means to be funny and funny when she means to be wise. A painter/writer/multi-instrumentalist/bunny-owner, when not singing in a shower near you, she’s performing her music, interspersed with awkward anecdotes, on stage in NYC. Check in here for dates or to request a gig in your town! She’s on iTunes if you want her music right now and, also, apparently, she tweets.