Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 11, 2017 @ 4:12 pm
Alpine hare or Mountain hare (Lepus timidus)
Credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images

We’ve always wondered what it’s like to have two people duking it out for our affection, so naturally, this video of mountain hares engaging in a slap fight over a romantic prospect instantly peaked our interest.

According to the video description, this battle between bunny bros was captured by distillery worker and photographer Alister Kemp in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park during mating season. While the blow-by-blow action is pretty intense, it’s nowhere near as terrifying as say, seeing a guy fight off a kangaroo to save his dog (which actually happened in real life and still haunts us in our sleep).

So, who wants to adopt a pet hare? No takers? Meh, we didn’t think so. Usually, we can find some level of cuteness in any animal interactions since most of them tend to be painfully unaware of when they’re doing something adorable, but not so in the case of these mountain hares. No cuteness to be found in this footage, folks. Only scariness.

Interestingly enough, biologist Dana Krempels told National Geographic that what appears to be two males fighting over a female in the above footage doesn’t represent typical mountain hare behavior. Krempels explained that what’s more than likely happening is the female hare (known as a jill; adorable) is actually the one involved in the slap battle as a means to ward off the male hares, or jacks, that are aggressively pursuing her at a time when she’s not ready to mate.

Life for humans has been kind of rough lately, but after watching this video, we’re thinking it’s not so bad after all.