Caralynn Lippo
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 2:43 pm
Credit: Buzzfeed Yellow/Youtube

As an engaged person, I can *totally* attest that an engagement ring — while beautiful and amazing and all— is kind of a pain in the butt to take care of sometimes. I’ve gotten used to it, but at first, it was super weird to have a significant piece of jewelry on my hand at all times — particularly since I’m not a big jewelry-wearer in general. BuzzFeed Yellow, in their infinite LOLs wisdom, conducted an experiment in which a group of single folks had to lug around a big ol’ engagement ring and/or wedding band for a week. Hilarity ensued.

These “single AF” BuzzFeeders are all happily single (and a few don’t plan on getting married at all) so this was a delightfully awkward “fish out of water” kind of scenario.

“I feel like I’m in Sweet Home Alabama!”

Credit: Buzzfeed Yellow/Youtube

The initial reactions to receiving the rings ranged from happy gasps and awwws to “I feel like I’m in Sweet Home Alabama! I’m Reese Witherspoon, this is from Patrick Dempsey!” and, my personal favorite, “I’m gonna put this ring on my toe!”

There was also general confusion when it came to the engagement ring + wedding band situation for some of the ladies, and which hand the ring went on to begin with. One of the girls approached a recently-married coworker to ask for help — did the band go on top of the engagement ring, or vice versa? (It was the former, FYI, for other clueless engaged gals like me.)

They’re so easy to lose

Credit: Buzzfeed Yellow/Youtube

At one point, one guy’s wedding band wound up in the toilet, which gave me *real* anxiety. Another guy went a whole morning without realizing that he’d left his band somewhere (it ended up being in his car, so it was all good). But realtalk, losing either wedding bands or engagement rings, while anxiety-inducing, is such a common thing. We’re only human, after all.

Rings make certain everyday tasks so awkward

Credit: Buzzfeed Yellow/Youtube

“Doesn’t seem very natural to be eating fries with this fake ring on,” one of the ringwearers said. True that.

Cutting up an avocado for breakfast burritos was equally annoying for another girl. Getting used to doing things while wearing a giant rock on your left hand is certainly a process — particularly eating hands-on food! Another common complaint was the difficulty of typing while rocking a ring, which is totally a thing.

By the end of the experiment, nearly every participant was either thrilled to be rid of their ring or had lost it already — and most acknowledged that they definitely weren’t anywhere near marriage-ready, given that the ring situation alone was that cumbersome for them.

Check out the full video for all of the hilariousness below!