Kenya Foy
Updated March 07, 2017
Leff Handed Productions /

If you’re dealing with a severe case of the lonelies, we encourage you to hang in there! No matter how isolated you may feel at the moment, just know that there’s a bestie out there eagerly waiting to make a genuine, heartfelt connection. Honestly, if a bulldog and an iguana can be friends, there’s still hope. This unusual, tight-knit relationship just goes to show that your closest companion could be from an entirely different species. (Just ask the guy who met his fox BFF on the streets of London.)

Anyway, we spotted this pair of unlikely animal friends on YouTube, and according to the video description, Stanley the bulldog considers Romeo the iguana to be his brother from another mother.

Brace yourselves for some heavy-duty doggie and lizard love, y’all.

These animal BFFs take power naps together.

Stan even checks on Romeo while he’s sleeping.

They see nothing wrong with a little PDA.

So sweet! We could learn a lot about how to treat our best friends from these two. Although we’ve only seen them napping together, they seem to be so unbelievably nurturing towards one another.

Not only are these loving creatures #bestfriendgoals, they’re also proof that you and your BFF don’t have to share everything in common. So what if iguanas are green, spiky, hatched from eggs and better swimmers than bulldogs?

At the end of the day, Stan and Romeo have formed a bond because of their similarities. Both animals are super laid-back and obviously love to get in a daytime nap (srsly, those are the most satisfying).

After watching them together, we officially declare animals that chill together, stay together.