Kenya Foy
August 24, 2016 7:57 am
Getty Images

Apparently, the journey home from Rio was full of hijinks for the British Olympic athletes. Bored Panda reports that the team experienced a major luggage identity crisis after landing at Heathrow Airport. Team GB might’ve stolen the show in their super stylish Stella McCartney-designed uniforms but the matching red bags they traveled with temporarily landed them in baggage claim hell.

Literally, no one knew whose bag belonged to whom, and the resulting whirlwind of confusion was hilarious. Gymast Beckie Downie captured the mayhem on video and shared it on Twitter:

Olympic rower Alex Gregory posed the most popular question of the day:

Oh, wait! Nick Dempsey found his — but not really.


Sheesh, guys. What a headache! We’re glad Team GB took the unintentional mix-up in stride and found the humor in the situation. Their uniforms fetched them the gold medal of Olympic fashion designs, but they might want to consider putting in a request for personalized luggage for the next games.