Briana Hansen
Updated May 13, 2016 @ 1:29 pm
Film Title: Bridesmaids
Credit: Universal Pictures

Five years ago (if you can believe it’s been that long) a movie came out that showcased a bunch of hysterical women doing absolutely outlandish things that basically made us ROFL for two hours straight. We are, of course, talking about the instant comedy classic Bridesmaids.

To honor this cinematic comedy perfection’s five-year anniversary, here are a list of just 13 of this movie’s endless hilarious moments that will always make us laugh.

When they all got food poisoning before trying on their (expensive) dresses and some things go down (and, well, come out).

When Melissa McCarthy hits on that guy she likes.

When Melissa McCarthy discusses her life-changing dolphin encounter.

Basically everything Melissa McCarthy says.

Oh, and then when they were on the plane and the terrified-to-fly Annie (played by Kristen Wiig) sits next to the worst seat neighbor.

And when she accidentally overdoes it on the meds to help her get through the flight.

And who could forget the gloriously dysfunctional “relationship” between Annie and Ted?

The brilliantly aggressive game of tennis between the two rivals.

And, of course, that moment by yourself in the car when you’re making fun of the totally perfect person you just can’t stand because it feels like they’re ruining your friendship and your life…

And we LOL-ed big time a few moments after this during Annie’s “sobriety test.”

And one of the greatest moments was Annie’s party meltdown and attempt to take down the chocolate fountain.

And we can’t talk about Bridesmaids without remembering the brilliantly passive aggressive roomie, Rebel Wilson.

And, of course, all the blunt and NSFW discussions of transforming body parts.

Credit: Universal Pictures/Giphy
Credit: Universal Pictures/Giphy

Thank you, Bridesmaids, for all these hilarious moments and so many more that have kept us cracking up for the past five years.