Lilian Min
January 30, 2015 11:46 am

The Beach Boys are one of the best bands of all time for a lot of reasons (many of them on “Pet Sounds”), but frontman Brian Wilson’s solo stuff is pretty brilliant on its own. Though the Boys reunited in 2012 for “God Made the Radio,” Wilson’s headed solo again, and two of our favorite lady musicians are featured on the new album!

The album art and track list for “No Pier Pressure,” which comes out on 4/7, dropped yesterday, and we’re super excited to see that She & Him (the dashing duo of site co-founder Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) and country she-ro Kacey Musgraves are featured on the album, as well as other members of the Beach Boys, Nate Ruess from fun., and Sebu Simonian from Capital Cities.

She & Him is an absolute no-brainer of a collaborator: the group just covered “God Only Knows” on last year’s covers album “Classics,” and they covered “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” all the way back in 2010.

The backbone of “No Pier Pressure” was originally supposed to be a new Beach Boys original, but when the band’s 2012 reunion tour fell through, Wilson decided that instead of scrapping the album, he’d find guest vocalists to finish the songs. And though he’d talked about working with both She & Him and Musgraves since last summer, other rumored collaborators included Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean, whose tunes didn’t make the final cut.

What can we expect from the tracks? “On The Island” will be “a space-age bossa nova with Deschanel,” while “Guess You Had To Be There” is a “lighthearted and fun” tune, which sounds like a perfect complement to Musgraves’s breezy vocal style.

Wilson got his career start producing tracks for girl groups, so it’s great to see him featuring some lady voices on the album. We’ll definitely keep our ears to the ground for any more news (though you don’t have to if you don’t want to—no peer pressure). The full track list:

  1. “This Beautiful Day”
  2. “Runaway Dancer” (featuring Sebu Simonian)
  3. “What Ever Happened” (featuring Al Jardine and David Marks)
  4. “On The Island” (featuring She & Him)
  5. “Our Special Love” (featuring Peter Hollens)
  6. “The Right Time” (featuring Al Jardine and David Marks)
  7. “Guess You Had To Be There” (featuring Kacey Musgraves)
  8. “Tell Me Why” (featuring Al Jardine)
  9. “Sail Away” (featuring Blondie Chaplin and Al Jardine)
  10. “One Kind Of Love”
  11. “Saturday Night” (featuring Nate Ruess)
  12. “The Last Song”
  13. “Half Moon Bay “

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