Credit: Sara Campbell-Hernandez /

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where shaming moms and parents who choose to breastfeed is a thing. On the bright side, though, some refuse to give into the shame — and this superhero mom just rocked our worlds by breastfeeding, in costume, at Comic Con. When people publicize their breastfeeding habits they help normalize breastfeeding as being NBD, because, seriously, it really is no big deal. We couldn’t love this mom more for continuing the movement to destigmatize breastfeeding.

So how did this epic photo come to be? The ah-mazing mom, Sara Campbell-Hernandez, explains to the Huffington Post:

The caption reads,

How EPIC is this?!

Probably the best part is how many moms shared their own photos breastfeeding in costume.

This is the world we want to live in, friends. One where moms support other moms, and where those who breastfeed are supported and encouraged instead of shamed. TG for these amazing ladies!

The mom was grateful for all the support. She wrote,

All the cheering, guys!