Thanks to an Internet outcry over a lack of Rey dolls from Star Wars: The Force Awakens where, need we remind you she is the main freaking character, Parts and Crafts, a workshop in Somerville, MA, has taken this situation seriously under control.

In December, rage was expressed and Force-throat-squeezes attempted over the holiday season when a serious invisibility of Rey dolls, action figures, and play-sets beset the retailers of the world. Twitter quickly spawned a seething hashtag, #WhereIsRey, allowing users to voice their frustrating experiences.

Disney and Target both issued defenses of their marketing roll-out, with Disney claiming that the toys were simply selling out (though no explanation as to why ONLY the Rey dolls seemed absent) and Target spokesman Lee Henderson saying that Rey dolls were excluded from pre-Christmas roll-outs to help avoid film spoilers.

Even if the explanation was rational, the crafty geniuses at Parts and Crafts decided when life hands you no Rey dolls, you can darn well make them. In late December, they hosted a workshop that’s simply ingenious. Using “make-under” techniques, the workshop took Bratz dolls, stripped them down, and remade them into our glorious force-using heroine.

HOW AWESOME IS THIS? This actually isn’t the first time a project like this has been attempted with Bratz dolls; in October, a Vancouver artist named Wendy Tsao removed the heavy doll-makeup on a Bratz toy to make them into feminist icons, like Malala Yousefzai, Jane Goodall, and J.K. Rowling. But it’s incredibly cool to see Parts and Crafts handling this issue just like Rey would- by making the situation work with whatever you’ve got handy.

(Images Via Twitter.)