Kit Steinkellner
Updated Aug 23, 2015 @ 11:25 am
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Happy one year wedding anniversary, Brad and Angelina! Your coupledom is basically the dictionary definition of “inspirational.” In honor of your collective awesomeness, here are x times you guys gave us all the #relationshipgoals.

You guys basically redefined “couple friends,” plus you reminded us all that tea time is, like, a thing. Well played.

Your third child was given the name Shiloh and assigned female at birth. When your child showed a clear preference for traditionally masculine clothes, a short haircut, and asked to be called “John” from here on out, you guys could not have been more cool and supportive.

Remember how Angelina had her children’s drawings embroidered onto her wedding dress? Or how Pax made the cake, the kids made the pillows for the rings, and together they wrote their parents vows, making Brangelina promise to always apologize after fights? If that doesn’t sound like the perfect wedding, then I don’t even KNOW what the perfect wedding sounds like.

Angelina was all geared up to attend the premiere of her directing debut Unbroken and then she got the CHICKEN POX. Booooooooo. But then, her super sweet hubs and kids filled in for her on the red carpet, yaaaaaaaay.

It would have been enough if you had just given the world Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We would have been content. But you guys have too many #relationshipgoals for that. But then Angelina decided to write another movie for the couple to star in.

“I wrote something a few years ago for Brad and me,” Jolie told People. “Just for fun. Just an independent little art piece. Because we don’t get to do those as much as we’d like. But it’s something really small and experimental.”

Happy first anniversary, Brangelina! Thanks for giving us ALL the relationship goals.

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