Sundi Rose
May 09, 2015 6:00 am

Get ready to fulfill the day’s cuteness quota. This picture story of three little boys and their cats is making us so happy right now. Can you blame us?

Beth Mancuso, mother of the adorable little boys pictured above and a devoted cat owner, wanted to tell the love story of her sons and their pets. Beth is also a professional photographer and recognized that she had a potentially very beautiful story to share. So she started snapping these everyday moments, and something magical happened.

She compiled all the pictures she already had (she had quite a few) of her sons and their catsand also took some new images. What resulted was a beautiful project entitled, “A Boy and his Cats.” (We see what you did there Beth with the whole, a boy and his dog, thing.) Some of the moments are results of her professional gaze, but a lot of the pictures reflect candid moments between her sons and the households cats, Lucy and Irie.

She began uploading the photos to Instagram, using #aboyandhiscats and the response has been overwhelming. Earlier this week, Beth blogged about her project on her photography site, Manic Mother Photography, saying, “The project is a mix of real-life moments and images that I composed. This is an on-going project that I plan to continue until either the boys leave home or the cats do.”

The Mancusos got their first cat two years ago, and then got another soon after. The boys absolutely love having cats, and Beth says, “Each boy shares a different relationship with the cats. My oldest son is by far the most obsessed with the cats. He tries to smuggle one into his bedroom every night.”

Wrangling two cats and three boys is a tough job, so some of the photos Beth had to snap on the fly with her iPhone. To see the entire photo story of “A Boy and His Cats” you can visit her blog where the precious friendship is in full force.

Beth knows it’s not always easy to love a cat but she hopes she can teach her sons patience and compassion as they learn new ways to be a friend.

Here are some of our favorite shots.

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