Kenya Foy
November 22, 2016 1:17 pm

Ordinarily we wouldn’t condone theft, but we couldn’t possibly reprimand this little boy who stole his mom’s engagement ring to propose to his crush at school. We’ll let his mom handle the thievery while we sit back in awe of his ability to commit to a relationship with the same quickness that we decide what to order from Starbucks.

According to The Daily Dot, a little boy named Tommy from the UK decided it was high time to put a ring on the finger of his classmate and crush Millie. Now, we imagine it’s kind of awkward being the smug married friend among your grade-school crew, but hey — the heart wants what it wants.

Millie’s parents posted a hilarious video rundown of the proposal on YouTube in which they gave us a look at the ring in question:

Whoa! Well, at least Tommy has great taste in jewelry (although it doesn’t belong to him). We honestly can’t blame him for being a hopeless romantic. As for Millie, she reserves the right to brag about receiving the sweetest marriage proposal ever because this was honestly just too much kid cuteness for us to handle.