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Updated Sep 02, 2017 @ 12:52 pm
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If you were born in September, you already know what makes you great. But now, there’s more. According to a new study, being born in September means you will generally be more successful than your peers. As if sharing a birthday month with Beyoncé and the best season, fall, weren’t enough!

Congratulations, geniuses!

Researchers at the University of Toronto, Florida, and Northwestern University compared a group of kindergarteners to come up with the results. The study looked at kids born in August versus kids born in September. Results showed that children born later in the year scored higher in math and reading, all the way through the eighth grade.

Other aspects of the study showed that the “success” of these kids included lower incarceration rates and higher university enrollment in the future.

One possible explanation is that many states have school cutoff dates of September 1st. That means that children who are born in the fall start school at almost a year older than children born in the summer, which means their physical and mental growth is further along.

Or maybe there’s just something special about being born in the fall.

Go, fall babies, go!

In England, studies show something similar. Research at the Institute for Fiscal Studies showed that these kids also scored higher overall on exams.

Was Hermione Granger born in September?

(Yes, she was.)

The University of Chicago also added some intrigue to the study. According to their research, people born between September and November are more likely to live to be 100. That’s a lot of birthdays to celebrate!

Of course, we love babies and humans born in all of the months, but we must admit there is something special about this time of year.

So happy birthday, and congrats on the success, September people!