It’s easy to forget that what we see on Instagram isn’t always real life. And with studies showing that Instagram can wreck your self-esteem, it’s so important to see remember what “real” really is.

And now, fitstagrammer Sara Puhto, aka SaggySara, is here to give us another reminder that Instagram reality is nothing like the real thing. In her newest Instagram post, she shares a side-by-side shot of two pictures taken just moments before… and explains why she decided to post.

“Instagram vs reality,” she captioned the pic.

She continues:

But it’s not just about breaking down the false narrative in fitness photos and fighting the urge to compare your body to someone else’s. It’s also about learning how to embrace the changes in your body, the gains and losses, and not beating yourself up on bad days.

How inspiring is that? We’re so glad that Sara is learning how to embrace her ups and downs, even when it can be a struggle. And we’re all trying to follow in her footsteps.

This isn’t Sara’s first time working a body positive message into her fitness Instagram.

She’s showed off her scars.

Her “reverse transformation.”

And a 10-second transformation.

But that’s not her whole feed. She also boasts some seriously yummy looking meals that show her healthy mind and body lifestyle can still mean eating great.

So how can you be more like Sara? We’ve got some easy tips to make your Instagram more body positive, but here’s the real “reality” — it’s all about learning to love yourself.

Because you’re worth it.