Gina Mei
Updated Oct 03, 2014 @ 9:59 am

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the Knowles-Carters have basically become our version of the royal family (at least in our obsession with them), which is probably why Beyoncé sings “bow down” with such authority and we all listen so attentively. But regardless of your feelings on Kings Bey and Jay, their daughter, Blue Ivy, is undeniably pretty darn cute. At only two years old, Blue has been making the Internet explode on a regular basis with her adorableness. And yesterday, she did it again when her mom shared some adorable new vacation photos with the Interwebz.

Below, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite moments in which Blue Ivy shut down the Internet with how freakin’ cute she is. Don’t mind us as we feel some major feels for the baby bee.

The Post-Love On Top VMAs Pregnancy Announcement

The way Beyoncé throws aside the mic after an amazing performance and pops open that sequined blazer, proud and beaming and just overflowing with happiness: has there ever been a sweeter announcement for a celebaby? (This isn’t really a word but I’m going for it.) The smile on Bey’s face when she touches her stomach combined with Jay’s reaction from the crowd still makes me feel warm and fuzzy and emotional all over. Bey and Jay are a notoriously private couple with the power to curate what we see of their lives, and the way they chose to announce Blue Ivy was truly a sign of all the cuteness to come.

Those First Few Photos From The Hospital

Given all the rumors that circulated about Bey’s pregnancy, it felt like the world was collectively holding its breath to see if Blue Ivy was even real. Whether or not you bought into the conspiracy theories, you have to admit the first pictures of Blue were pretty aww-worthy. Look at all that hair! Look at her tiny hands!

Her Video Debut On HBO’s Life is But a Dream Documentary

After the first few photos from the hospital were released, Beyoncé and Jay-Z really kept Blue out of the spotlight and enjoyed some private time together as a family (as every parent should have the right to do). Blue Ivy’s brief appearance in the Life is But a Dream documentary was marketed as some sort of huge reveal, but was obviously just supremely cute and intimate.

When She Wore Headphones The Size of Her Head

What does Blue listen to on the regular? We can only assume a mixtape of the best of her parents’ music (because, I mean, when your parents are Beyoncé and Jay-Z, why wouldn’t you?). Either way, I will never get over this gif. Bonus: that Magna Carta shirt she’s wearing is clearly too big for her, which somehow makes it even cuter.

That Time She Wore a ‘Watch The Throne’ Onesie

Bey posted this picture during her Tumblr’s early days, and needless to say, the Internet flipped out. I didn’t even know they made these onesies (in fact, they probably don’t), but it’s only appropriate that Blue should rep her dad’s tour so fashionably.

When She Went Swimming with Her Parents

Has anyone in the history of humans ever looked more unfazed by their parents? Especially given the fact that her parents are two of the most famous people in the world?! I love it. Never stop being you, Blue.

When She Got a Crown of Her Very Own

The Queen Bee gave a crown to her princess, and we were all watching the throne. Side note, that is a pretty lux crown for a baby (or, like, anyone).

That Time She Made This Face

No words can sufficiently describe the adorableness.

When She Took Her First Few Steps

She’s even cute when she’s stumbling. Obviously.

That Time She Booped Beyoncé’s Nose


When She Showed Off Her Miniature Studded Leather Jacket

I mean, are you kidding me right now? This two-year-old is cooler than I will ever be in my entire life. Her floral docs are on point and she’s rockin‘ a custom leather jacket like nobody’s business. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

That Time She Hung Out On the Set of Blow

While her mom worked on a top-secret visual album (no big deal), Blue got to come along and party it up on set. Blow was probably one of the more explicit songs on the album, but this is such a tender and hilarious moment between mother and daughter that all innuendos are forgotten and replaced with heart explosions.

The Entire Music Video For Blue

It’s no secret that Blue Ivy won the parent lottery (duh), and since her parents are, you know, world-famous music artists, it was inevitable that they would start referencing her in their music. Jay-Z raps about her on Holy Grail, and Bey has a whole song about her. The music video for Blue was basically the sweetest of all time and made us feel all the feels.

When She Stole The Show at the 2014 VMAs

Be still my heart.

That Time She Did the ***Flawless Dance, and Even Jay-Z Laughed

There’s a reason this Vine has almost 25 million views, and that’s because it’s ***Flawless. Jay-Z’s reaction to Blue’s dance still makes me laugh every. Single. Time. The HelloGiggles office just might be responsible for a million of the views on this, and we’re not even ashamed.

When She Hung Out On Some Swings With Her Momma