Credit: Instagram/Blake Lively

Everyone loves a bit of Willy Wonka in their lives, especially Blake Lively. She’s a lucky girl, because the nice people at Diamond O City made her some Wonka-bar themed artwork!

Okay, so we’ve seen a Willy Wonka portrait made of candy, and on the stranger side, witnessed how one artist is turning candy messes into masterpieces, but this artwork is 100% class. Lively was a little quiet during Halloween this year (at least on social media) so it was kinda great to wake up this morning and discover that she’s been busy channeling her inner-Charlie Bucket.

That’s right! Her very own golden ticket!

Credit: Warner Bros./

If you want to know more about Diamond O City, they have a Pop Up shop at Maison 24 at 470 Park Avenue in NYC. It’s open until January 14th, so be there or be square!

Also, their Instagram account is full of other delights including a 12×12 3-dimensional Snickers piece handcrafted with Swarovski crystals, and multi-color 12×6 Skittles mirror art! Take a look!



Thanks for sharing your art, Blake!

Aaaaand we definitely know what our new obsession is this week.