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Choosing a baby name is one of the greatest parts about having a kid. TBH, choosing a baby name is great even if you’re not planning on have kids, because hypothetical names are just as fun. If you’ve been tasked with naming a tiny human, Nameberry just released the hottest baby names of 2017 to help make your life easier.

We’ve already shared the trendiest baby boy names of 2017 with you, so now it’s time to focus on girl names.

To figure out which names are becoming more and more popular, Nameberry measured which names clocked in with the largest amount of page views on its site so far this year. And most of the winners turned out to be unique and widely cultural names. In fact, some of them are so unique, we’ve never even heard of them.

But there’s one name on the list we know Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds will love — Ines.

How do we know? Because its the name of their youngest daughter.

So whether you’re into these names or not, there’s no question that they’re definitely on the rise for 2017. If anything, they’ll at least give you some ideas of what time name your own baby — real or hypothetical…or, you know, what not to name your baby.

Here are all the baby names on the rise this year, along with the popularity percentage they’ve gained so far:

1Tatjana, +1508%

2Alizeh, +748%

3Tahiti, +551%

4Moana, +467%

5Ines, +338%

6Seren, +239%

7Rosamund, +237%

8Alisha, +178%

9Samara, +155%

10Lilian, +124%

11Kyra, +124%

12Sutton, +96%

13Noor, +92%

14Arielle, +83%

15Reina, +77%

16Calista, +74%

17Marisol, +70%

18Arcadia, +65%

19Ophelia, +62%

20Zoey, +58%

21Bellamy, +58%

22Natasha, +57%

23Amara, +55%

24Saskia, +54%

25Portia, +54%

Happy baby naming!