It was Taylor Swift’s 26th birthday this last Sunday, and she celebrated the best way we could possibly imagine: by hanging out with Calvin Harris and a bunch of penguins. But that’s not the only way she embraced her 26th year: she was also given the greatest gift of all time.

A birthday pie from Blake Lively! Yup. You heard me, a birthday PIE. It’s the kind of gift that makes you laugh hysterically and salivate helplessly, all at the same time. T-Swift loved it too, obvs. She wrote on Insta, “Blake wins at birthday pies. @blakelively I honestly can’t stop laughing rn.”

Lively, who’s become recently known for her dinner-hosting prowess, and her DIY mad skills has really raised the bar with this incredible sweet treat. By featuring Swift’s two adorable cats as pie-toppers, with a hand-painted banner reading, “Happy Thanksgiving Birthday” it’s making us all wanna change the dates on our birth certificates so we can celebrate with some pumpkin-y birthday goodness from this point on.

Making pie wasn’t the only way Lively celebrated T-Swift’s birthday. The two also went to a theme park together and had the best time ever.

“There’s a reason why #friendshipgoals was invented because of her. Thank you @taylorswift for the happiness you bring to not only everyone that knows you, but also to those who don’t —you’re the real deal. Happy birthday!” Lively wrote. AWWWW.

(Images via Instagram)