No copay needed.

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month  

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and felt like something was missing? While you may like a few photos from your favorite influencers or comment on a friend's picture of their new puppy, most of the time, you're probably aimlessly scrolling out of boredom with no end in sight. The truth is, your Instagram probably needs some substance—and one of the ways you can add some is by following a few therapist accounts that'll give you a nice mental health boost.

But with thousands of mental health professionals on the 'gram, it's important to highlight Black therapists and mental health experts who are making a difference in the BIPOC community. And because one in five American adults live with a mental illness and the majority of Americans (74%) do not believe most mental health services are accessible for everyone, according to an annual America’s Mental Health study, Instagram can be a one-stop shop to access mental care on a no-cost level.

So if you're looking to add a few therapists to your feed, we suggest following these eight Black therapists ASAP.

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1 Dr. Thema

Dr. Thema's approach to therapy may look simplistic based on her Instagram—but her advice is anything but basic. Whether she's talking about anxiety, trauma, or self-sabotage, @dr.thema provides thought-provoking advice that will help give you clarity on some of the most draining issues you may be experiencing.

2 Nedra Glover Tawwab

If you're looking to strengthen your boundaries, then you may want to follow @nedratawwab. Not only does she post listicle-based tips about self-care, relationships, and inner child work, but she also provides journal prompts and reminders for those extra tough days.

3 Minaa B.

As a self-care and mental health educator, @minaa_b posts handwritten gentle reminders about self-love, healing, and Black self-care. Her advice is digestible and thoughtful and will give you a boost of calm every time you go to her account.

4 Alishia McCullough

When it comes to social justice, therapist Alishia McCullough (@blackandembodied) delivers on-point advice for BIPOC. And whether it's about work culture, eating disorders, or domestic abuse, McCullough doesn't hide from the tough topics that need to be discussed now and always.

5 Meghan Watson

Meghan Watson is a psychotherapist who focuses on a myriad of topics such as people-pleasing behavior, self-criticism, and eating disorders. Through illustrative graphics, @thrive_withmeg provides gentle reminders as check-ins when you need an emotional tune-up.

6 Dr. Jennifer Mullan

Known as the Rage Doctor, Dr. Jennifer Mullan discusses a range of topics that address systemic racism. Like her username @decolonizingtherapy mentions, Mullan is changing therapy to help BIPOC to feel heard, seen, and heal from ancestral trauma.

7 Dr. Donna Oriowo

If you've been looking for a sex therapist, then Dr. Donna Oriowo is a must follow. Every Tuesday, @annodright posts sex tips that will invite you to evaluate your own needs and wants.

8 Devyn

If you follow us on Instagram, you're probably already familiar with Devyn's work. While she is a rehabilitation counselor, she's also the host of a podcast called Self-Care Gang. On her 'gram, you can find advice on intergenerational trauma, how to process difficult emotions, and toxic positivity.