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If you don’t want to wait until Halley’s Comet in 2061, we’ve got a somewhat unusual celestial event coming up in only three days. Take that, space. We don’t need patience — we have a Black Moon on Friday, September 30th.

While teeeechnically all new moons are black, because the new moon occurs when the sun and the moon are aligned on the same side of the earth, the Black Moon is the special name given to the second new moon in a single month. While it’s not once-in-every-seventy-years rare, it only occurs about once every thirty-two months, so it’s not exactly common, either.


Since we do love getting witchy with it (na na na na), we’ve looked into how best to interact with the Black Moon. Although real witches are much more about getting in tune with nature to live their best lives, there are definitely still times when one’s powers are thought to be even greater. And during the Black Moon? It’s thought that the moon’s energy amplifies all the witchy power out there.

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On the evening of September 30th, banishing and binding spells will be particularly potent during the dark moon, and drawing magic is more potent during the new moon, so the Black Moon is ideal for these things.

Although we’re not reeeeally qualified to give you spells, we think taking a page out of the pagans’ book might be beneficial. With this in mind, we will tell you that the added power of these particular actions paired with the high energies of the Black Moon make this an ideal time to reorder things in your life.

Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, we can all use a little help every now and then — and hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Honestly, if focusing our energies in a particular way on a particular night can improve our life… why… wouldn’t we?

1. The first thing you should put your energy toward during the Black Moon is banishing negative people, memories, and thoughts from your life.


If you’re hanging onto any friends, family members, or exes (out of a sense of obligation or familiarity) who do nothing but contribute toxicity to your life, let them go. If you spend all your time worrying about your performance at work or at school, banish it from your mind. If you’re dwelling on a particular event in your past that does nothing but make you unhappy, use the power of the Black Moon to get rid of all of these things and start October with a fresh slate.

2. The second thing you should use the Black Moon for is to bind yourself to the things that bring you happiness.

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After you’ve focused on pushing all of the bad out of your life, try to focus on the good. Go the extra mile to make sure your friends and loved ones know that you’re grateful for their part in your life and that they feel loved in return.

Take your dog for an extra walk, or get your cat some catnip. Take care of any prized belongings. Make sure your work day is as productive as possible (unless your job falls under the ‘things to banish’ column) and that you’re giving it your best. Use the increased energies of the Black Moon to bind the things that enrich your life to you.

3. Lastly, use the increased potency of the Black Moon to draw positive vibes and new beginnings to you.

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In magic, drawing refers to creating an atmosphere that draws forth a certain kind of energy — sort of like going into something with a positive attitude to achieve a positive outcome. Once you’ve made sure the bad in your life is flushed out, and the good in your life is held close, focus your attention on creating an energy in yourself that brings the sort of energy you would like to see toward yourself in return. More friends, good health, a new job — all of these things are fair game.

Since various symbols and words are thought to bring about correlating energies, you could do something as simple as hanging a picture you feel encapsulates the positive energy you want in your life, or, as we’ve discussed before, building your own altar, which doesn’t have to be stereotypically ‘witchy’ or ‘magic’ looking — it can just be a collection of things that make you feel good.

So go forth, and cast out good vibes! We’re looking forward to falling (ha-ha) into the season renewed, refreshed, and ready to take it on.