bear crashes golf game in alaska
Credit: Gary Cox /

Do animals make better sports buddies than humans? Well, when it comes to this black bear that crashed a golf game in Alaska, we would have to say no. Although there’s something about the velvety smooth green that attracts the oddest creatures, they don’t seem to be too into playing by the rules. They’d rather show up and hang out, like these totally chill kangaroos that took over a golf course in Australia. Or in the case of this black bear that interrupted a golf game, stealing property appears to be the main priority.

When golfer Gary Cox stopped by the Moose Run Creek Course in Anchorage last week, he was surprised to see a large black bear casually stroll onto the course.

When Cox and the other golfers noticed the bear heading for their gear, they yelled and threw a golf ball at the animal in an attempt to shoo him away. Unfortunately, the bear was not deterred from its original mission. ICYDK, bears can be quite determined to get what they want.

Footage Cox shared on Facebook shows the animal approaching a bag, sniffing the contents and eventually taking an item before slowly walking back into the wooded area.

Whoa! That was an extremely close call. If there’s anything we learned from this video, it’s that black bears don’t appear to scare easily, especially when there are unattended bags nearby. It’s either that or our wimpy human yells and fake animal roars are even more ridiculous than they sound.