Jessica Ellis
April 08, 2016 2:01 pm

You know, by the time you hit your third or forth decade, birthday cakes may just not do it for you. There’s allergies to consider, calories to count, and honestly it may just not seem as exciting as it did when you were eight years old. We’re not saying cake should be off the menu (seriously, we are never ever ever saying that) but maybe your birthday celebration needs something with a bit more flash. Like 7000 matches igniting in a tribute to you, all to you!

Yes, we’re serious. YouTube user HTD, who has an impressive amount of patience and time, really set up 7000 matches in the shape of a three-tiered birthday cake and then set it on fire like some kind of demented Duff Gordon-esque Joker.

It doesn’t seem too spectacular at first before the domino effect really takes hold.


Then, once it hits the second tier, things really start to take off.


Ahh, now we’re talking. It’s like watching a champagne fountain, except it’s fire and hazardous and I wouldn’t recommend putting glass anywhere near it.


And there at last the match birthday cake lays, burned out like the ashes of yet another year gone by. Let us all contemplate our brief existence on this pale blue dot we call Earth.


Seriously, this is a ridiculously cool video that is actually sort of relaxing in a creepy, smolder-y way. Definitely, however, this is a Class A fire hazard of which Smoky the Bear would not certainly not approve in any way. Do not attempt this at home, especially when you could just sit back and watch this handy video instead (light a candle for that extra smoky scent!)

It looks like some men just want to watch the cake burn.

Check out the full video below and be warned: It’s over 40 minutes long, and you literally might watch the whole thing.