What your Netflix-binging body language says about your relationship

Binge-watching TV is pretty much the definition of a perfect night in with your S.O., right? HECK yeah. But what does our TV-watching body language actually say about our relationships?

Well, we decided to speak with body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to get some answers, and here’s what she had to say.

BODY LANGUAGE: Your S.O. is leaning forward while you’re leaning back.


Translation: If your S.O. is leaning towards the screen, it means they’re actually more involved in the show than they are with you. The show has their focus and it’s more important to them. This is also a form of detachment. However, it’s not necessarily a bad sign. If this only happens when a certain show is on, it’s not big deal. But if it happens all the time, then it could mean that your relationship is on the rocks.

BODY LANGUAGE: Your bodies are turned in towards each other.


Translation: If your bodies are turned in towards each other, then you’re both more into each other than the TV show. This also means your relationship is really strong and that you’re connected. This kind of body language usually shows up in new couples or ones that are “madly in love.” Bonus – it also means that you’re interested in sex!

BODY LANGUAGE: Leaning into each other and touching.


Translation: If you’re touching and both leaning into each other it means you’re both in sync. You’re supportive of one another and really into each other. You’re totally connected at this point in time, and things are going good in the relationship.

BODY LANGUAGE: One person on the floor between the others’ legs.


Translation: If one person is on the floor sitting between the other person’s legs it means you’re in a nurturing relationship. It’s also possible that the person on the floor may want to be nurtured and want physical contact, so they’re using their partners’ legs as that ~human touch~. There’s also a sensuous component to this position.

BODY LANGUAGE: One person has their arm around the other.


Translation: If one person has their arm around the other, this means they’re into the show, but they don’t want to lose contact with you, either. It’s saying, “I’m still with you, even though I’m with something else, too.” This body language isn’t about dominance in the relationship. Mostly, this is a very warm and affectionate sign of friendship and camaraderie, so it’s a positive thing for the relationship.

And if you want to learn more about body language in general, check out Dr. Glass’ website here.

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