Most people would like to travel more. So why don’t we? Maybe it’s lack of motivation, lack of money, lack of time. Maybe we just need a mascot to give us a boost of energy to actually do it. That’s where Biddy comes in.

Three-year-old Biddy the hedgehog is here to inspire you achieve your goals. He and his sister Charlie, a Beagle mix, love to spend their days traveling around their home state with their owners and encouraging other people to “Get Outside & Explore!”

Over the years he’s visited all sorts of cool sites. Just take a look at some of the amazing adventures he’s documented on his very own Instagram account (caution: the following photos may be adorable to some viewers):

Here he is in the Painted Hills, posing for a candid photograph to post for his nearly 400,000 followers….

Cute, right?

…And here he is hanging out with Charlie during a sunny Memorial Day weekend. It’s important to get outside once in a while, breathe some fresh air and get your hands dirty. “A wise man once said ‘Life’s a garden, dig it’,” says Biddy. Of course, he was referring to the words of none other than prophetic master Joe Dirt. Nice one, Biddy.

Biddy has lots of fun rock climbing. Maybe it’s because when he gets to the top, he feels like King of the World. It doesn’t seem to tire him out very much and that’s saying something. I wonder what kind of workout regimen he’s into? P90X? (By the way, check out those awesome vampire fangs!)

This one is so cute, I had to slap myself to stop squealing. You go, Biddy– work that wheel! If this little guy ever passes you on the freeway, don’t feel bad. He’s pretty fast.

Honestly, he looks miffed that he couldn’t perform a swan dive into this river. He’s been working so hard on it recently. Still, his owners were right to keep him out of the water… it doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the scenery!

He really loves dinosaurs, even if the excavation trowels are a little too big for his paws. Dream big, Biddy, dream big.

A dream come true! Camping out in Yellowstone is a real adventure. Of course, Old Faithful may not be so “faithful” anymore… but that doesn’t make a trip to the biggest caldera** in North America any less entertaining!

**(Translation: Yellowstone is the biggest supervolcano on the continent and when it blows we’re all screwed, so try and visit it sometime before we all become the next fossil fuel, okay?)

Whatever you do, make sure to follow Biddy’s lead and head outside whenever you can. Nature is beautiful and so often unappreciated. Try to get some fresh air in those lungs, snap a fun selfie and remember what Biddy says…

Featured image, images via Instagram, biddythehedgehog