Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show
Credit: Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images

As if we needed yet ANOTHER thing to love about Beyoncé, who is, as we all know, basically the queen of anything — Bruno Mars shared an insight about Bey that we love nearly too much to bear.

Apparently, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé (two of our favorite Bs in our alphabet of love) were stressing about their diets leading up to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but when they actually got to the show, Bruno found Beyoncé chowing down on something that definitely isn’t on anybody’s meal plan, and her explanation made us seriously look like the heart eyes emoji.

Bruno told Rolling Stone,

(Is it weird that we want to print out this quote and hang it above our desks??)

BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN, everybody. 😍

Now, we’re super on board with the growing health craze — everybody seems to be chowing down on inhuman amounts of kale and ~superfoods~ lately — and we totally respect and (try to) live the desire to fuel your body with good things. That said, we also love knowing that somebody as fabulous as Beyoncé also occasionally needs a reliable bag of Cheetos.

Eating clean feeds your body, but let’s be honest, occasionally eating junk food guilt-free feeds your soul.