While there’s no same heartbreak story, pain tolerance level, and ways to nurse an achy heart, there’s one common thing to all heartbreak warriors: our friends. These besties have different ways to help you move on from the pain. These girls will teach you that you don’t need to go through the process alone. Here are all the kinds of friends who helped me through a heartache.

The emotionally-invested bestie

She’s the friend who puts herself on your own shoes, to the extent that she ends up upstaging your movie-like breakdown—maybe a scene more heartbreaking than Hazel-moping-in-her-bed-when-Augustus-died. You won a 24/7 crying machine buddy whom you can run to whenever there are emergency raging emotions that need some letting loose. Sometimes a good cry and an equally emotional friend are all you need.

The die-hard fan

There will be this awww feeling when she sees the new guy who’s apparently winning your attention and smiles. Say hello to your dearest loyal fan. She is the only person who still sees the best in you no matter how sucky and complicated things are now.

The co-heartbreak ride-or-die

She is your friend who’s also fresh from a breakup, making her your breakup bestie aka official partner in emotional-binging crime. Now, your conversations will never be complete without either one of you bursting into tears. Weekends will become camping out in her crib for a love-hurts movie marathon with Celeste and Jesse Forever to kick off the long night. A day will never pass without tagging each other in some spot on berlin-artparasites posts, because they always hit the feels, right? She’s also the only person who can handle your constant going over your memories with your ex, because you’ll also listen to hers.

The friend who serves as an ex radar

How is he doing now? What is his new haircut? Does he still have those cute dimples on his face?! These are the details you want to know, but you know you shouldn’t need to, but you still knew anyway. This friend is the one who’ll check their Instagram for you, and report back that his hair doesn’t look that cute really.

The get-you-out-of-the-house friend

Nope, you shall never throw any I-miss-him tantrums to her. She is the strict friend who’ll never let you stay in the rock bottom. She’ll drag you all the way up and help you channel your feelings into something productive and creative. She is even ready to put a “YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN YOUR EX” banner on your room for a daily reminder.

The YOLO buddy

This is the friend who is all in on helping you back into the singledom waters. She’ll take you out dancing or to the art museum or to the club and point out all the cuties you could go talk to. She’s there to help you shake off that heartbreak and get back on Tinder.With her, you’re going to shake that heartbreak off because life just happened and, well, you know the drill: it goes on.

The bestie that is there for the weird mood swings

She is your go-to person on those days when one minute you’re totally in control, and the next you’re sobbing into you sleeve. She totally gets this crazy side of healing because once in her life, before she totally nailed those relationship goals, the love department also failed her. She’s in it to win it, and also to help you go on a walk or get some ice cream or just take a few deep breaths.

Don’t forget to be a friend to yourself

Yes – You who cried yourself to sleep for months, and who took a timeout at work to cry in the bathroom. You’re amazing. You’re going to get through this. You’re a strong, badass single lady whose embracing and not ignoring her feelings. It’s you who all along knew, deep in your heart, that your post-breakup self is going to be fine.

Mariz Ortega makes being a yuppie interesting with her adult life jitters and middle child complexities. She has a big love for bacons, comforters, cozy places, and beginnings. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @rizortega

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