Kit Steinkellner
Updated Sep 30, 2014 @ 12:10 pm

We all remember the story from a couple of weeks back about the kid who tried to get a self-portrait of himself with his cat and a bunch of laser beams into his high school yearbook, right? Well, if you don’t remember, this photo he submitted for his school yearbook will basically sum it all up for you:.

Schenectady High School senior Drake Rodriguez posted a petition on the Internet to try to get some support for his out-of-the-box senior photo submission. Rodriguez was only looking for 500 signatures, what he ended up with was 7,408 people supporting him and his laser-cat-crusade.

So Schenectady High School said no, Rodriguez could not use the photo of himself and his cat Mr. Bigglesworth as his senior picture in the yearbook because OF COURSE they said no. High schools don’t care about Internet silliness, they care about bell schedules and budget cuts.

BUT BUT BUT this story does have a happy ending. The school principal, Diane Wilkinson, was like, “But what we COULD do is take a photo together, you and Mr. Bigglesworth and me and my dog Vivienne with lasers and shenanigans and put in on my principal’s page in the yearbook to raise awareness for ASPCA and animal adoption.”

And so a truce was reached. Awesome photographic evidence below.

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