You spend so much time growing up hearing about your mythical twenties. People reflect on them fondly, with regret, or with laughter. By the time it’s your turn to experience them, you’re braced for a whole lotta trouble. But actually, some of the most horrible things about being in your big 2-0s can actually end up being some of the best things as well. Here are some of the best worst things about being young and free.

You’re always running out of money.

Like, always. You check your bank account before buying that sweater, that pizza, or even that coffee. But that’s okay, because having no money means you’ve found other ways to have fun. You can always recommend the best places to walk in the park, and the best restaurant to get a full meal on the cheap.

You don’t understand how taxes work.

Literally, what is a W-2 and why did you just get it in the mail? Time to call your mom. Which is actually a good thing, because you haven’t called home in a while and this actually gives you the chance to have a good catch up.

People still think you’re a teenager.

You see the look of skepticism on the bouncer’s face when you hand over your ID at the bar…but you also see the look of pity on the cashier’s face as your card gets declined and but they still give you that chocolate croissant. They just think you’re a kid!

There’s never food in your fridge.

Okay, so there’s like a bottle of milk and bacon that might have expired. You just haven’t had the time to do a full grocery shop, and you wouldn’t know what to get even if you did. But that means you get to have pizza every night. You have to feed yourself somehow, right?

It feels like you’re never not applying for jobs.

Everything is in such a state of limbo that you have to cover all your bases. But this also means that there’s never not the potential for an awesome email to land in your inbox…even if most of them are from Pinterest.

You’re always ready to take a nap.

Always. At work. On the Subway. At a coffee shop. You’re always down to curl up and snooze — which means when you finally hit the hay, every night of sleep feels like the best night ever.

You’re stuck using Tinder if you’re lonely on a Friday night.

Being in your twenties in 2015 means you’re living in the world of social media. If you want to talk to people, you better get online. But everyone else is in the same boat, so you can end up having some great (or maybe just hilarious) conversations.

There’s nobody around to tell you something’s not a good idea.

Ice cream expiration dates are relative, right? Wrong. There was nobody to stop you so you ate all of it and spent the night curled up on your floor in agony. But then again, you had ice cream for dinner, so did you actually lose?

There aren’t really any exciting birthdays left.

When you turned sixteen you could drive, eighteen you could vote, twenty-one you could drink…now what? Every birthday is just a regular birthday. Or, every birthday can be your biggest, craziest birthday yet. Who’s going to stop you? (See number eight).

You don’t know what you’re doing but that’s 100% okay.

The best part about being in your 20s? It’s totally okay to mess up, to lose your wallet, to forget your keys at work. Nobody expects you to have this “real life” thing figured out yet so you don’t have to. Embrace the awkwardness and the bumps. You’re going to miss them in ten years.

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