It's time for some zzz's.

Raven Ishak
August 04, 2020
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It goes without saying that the stress caused by the pandemic has disrupted many of our sleep routines. Whether you've been having weird vivid dreams or enough anxiety to jolt you from a dead slumber, you're probably in the market for new options to get better rest. Thankfully, there's a way to fix your poor sleep patterns—and it all has to do with your zodiac sign.

To help understand how each zodiac sign can achieve a better night's rest through different sleep products, we connected with our resident astrologer Lisa Stardust. Because what might work for a feisty Leo might not be right for a Libra who loves a cuddle session. Scroll below for a full astrological guide on which product each zodiac sign should buy to get some shut-eye.


Just because you might be known as a hothead doesn't mean you don't deserve a good night's sleep. That's why Stardust suggests you invest in a memory foam pillow to get some rest and feel cool. "Aries rules the head, so it’s important they have a comfy place to rest their heads," she tells HelloGiggles. 

Our suggestion? This memory foam pillow from Casper. It's made with three supportive and cooling foam layers for optimal air circulation and better neck alignment. 

Shop it! $89.00, Casper.

Taurus sure do love the Hygee life—so why not upgrade your bedding by purchasing the ultimate comfort item, a weighted blanket? According to Stardust, a weighted blanket will help calm a Taurus' restless body and mind, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep issues. 

But if you don't want to spend a pretty penny, opt for this twin-size weighted blanket that's made from 100% natural cotton. 

Shop it! $39.90,


If you've had a hard day and can't get to sleep, one of the best ways to shut off your brain is meditating right before you hit the hay. "Downloading a meditation app will let Geminis [get] out of their head, if only for a minute," says Stardust. "They’ll become swept away by the trance-like state that alleviates their anxieties before bed."

If you're unsure of which meditation app to download onto your phone, opt for My.Life. Once known at Stop.Breathe.Think., this app comes with over 400+ mindful activities and has been named Best App for 2019 by


Because Cancers are mostly known to be homebodies who gravitate toward the moon, any sort of light can easily disrupt their sleep patterns. Stardust's suggestion? Get a comfy eye mask to block out the sun's light, like this quilted one from Parachute. 

"Cancers are moonchildren, so they like to spend their nights hidden from the sun. An eye mask will ensure they can sleep through the crack of dawn without waking up," says Stardust.

Shop it! $19, Parachute.

Leos do not slow down during their daytime excursions, which can make it hard for them to rest at night. To combat your mind's constant activity, purchase a lamp that will provide comfort and ease.  

"C-Sleep Dimmable Light Bulb or therapy lamp will calm the lion's temper and reduce stresses in their lives, thus highlighting their inner chillness," says Stardust.

This light therapy lamp from Miroco has six adjustable brightness levels and can easily be moved from your desk to your bed, thanks to its portable design. 

Shop it! $39.99,

According to Stardust, Virgos need pure silence to unwind before they head to bed—so that's why she suggests buying earplugs to wear to sleep.  

"Earplugs will drown out the outside noise and help them destress before and during sleep," says Stardust. 

These particular earplugs are a great fit because they're made with foam instead of latex and come in packs of 10, 50, or 100 pairs. 

Shop it! $5.99-$26.69,

Libras are the lovers of the zodiac, so it makes complete sense that they want to be wrapped up in the arms of their S.O.s before they head to bed. However, if that's not a possibility, Stardust suggests using a body pillow. "This will help them feel as though they’re not alone at night," she says.

If a body pillow sounds comforting to you, consider this L-shaped one. It doesn't make any noise, is encased in 100% soft velvet, and will help alleviate back or hip aches. 

Shop it! $41.59,


Scorpios thrive when they get a full night's rest—and they need complete darkness to get their eight hours. "A blackout curtain will allow them to peacefully rest, without the morning sun awakening them," says Stardust.

Consider buying this blackout curtain that will not only keep the light out but keep your room comfy and cozy due to its thermal insulation. 

Shop it! $17.99, Target.

Because Sagittariuses sometimes have a tough time resting, they need some assistance when it comes to relieving stress. "A foam egg crate mattress pad will alleviate energetic Sag’s pressure points after a hard day’s work that will help them sleep better," says Stardust.

This particular mattress pad is a great buy because of its moisture-absorbent properties, and it's CertiPUR-US Certified.

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Capricorns are known to be workaholics, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve some rest every now and then. To help achieve some shut-eye, Stardust advises Capricorns invest in a sleep tracker to help keep their sleep schedule...well, on track. 

"Capricorns love to have a schedule. A sleep bracelet will make sure that they get to bed on time and remain true to their routine," she says.

You'll love this rose gold vívosmart® 4 smartwatch, Cap. It can gauge blood oxygen saturation levels while you sleep and comes with an all-day stress tracking technology.

Shop it! $129.99, Garmin.

According to Stardust, Aquarians need a noise machine to help wind down for the night, block out the noise, and calm their stressful daily thoughts. "It will also help them find their calm center before and during sleep time," she says.

This travel-size noise machine is perfect for adventure-loving Aquarians. It includes a night light, sleep timer, and can be programmed directly from your phone. 

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Because Pisces are highly emotional beings, they need boosts of lavender to help remind them that they, too, can and should relax. "Pisces need to decompress before they hit the hay, as they tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Lavender pillow spray will ensure a calm night’s rest," says Stardust.

Rather than just getting a regular ole lavender spray, though, opt for one that's mixed with Frankincense, which is known to lower anxiety levels and open breathing passages.

Shop it! $25.00, Sephora.