These supplies will make life feel a little more manageable.

Lisa Stardust
September 07, 2020
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School is now in session. With that comes the inevitable back-to-school shopping spree, which is always super stressful. Finding the right items is hard. But, we narrowed down the most essential and important products you will need this school year based on your zodiac sign. Now all you have to do is study hard and learn a thing or two in school.  



Item: Daily planner

Your overactive mind and fiery vibe allow you to pick up many tasks at a time. As a result, you have trouble keeping track of your schedule. A daily planner will help get you in gear this school year so you don’t forget about your extracurricular activities and Zoom meetings.  

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Item: Alarm clock

Having an alarm clock by your bed and desk is important for you, Taurus, as you tend to get lazy when you’re feeling extra comfy. You’ll be reminded that you have to put Riverdale on pause and skedaddle to class or log into Zoom for your daily dose of education.  

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Item: Kindle

As the most inquisitive sign of the zodiac, you’ll find that having access to a Kindle is like striking gold. You can read as many books as you want this year, evolve your mind and inner philosophy, and learn more about the world, all from the touch of your Kindle screen.  

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Item: Lunchbox 

The best moment of the day is when you get to sit back and enjoy a nicely packed lunch in a baller lunchbox. More importantly, you’ll be happy if your cool lunchbox gets more cred than your cheese sandwich and carrots. Don’t worry, you’ll totally be stylin’ in the cafeteria, Cancer.

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Item: Face mask  

Self-expression is super important to you. After all, you are the most creative sign of the zodiac. Add your personal flair and drama to finding the perfect face mask to wear to your first day of school. Just like your outfit, this is super important. Unleash your fierce fashion sense.  

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Item: Binder with dividers   

Everything must be in its place (in your world), which is why the ideal item for you to kick off the school year with is a binder with funky, color-coded sugar dividers. You’ll find it easy to stay organized throughout the school year if you start it off properly.  

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Item: Art supplies 

Creative by nature, you see the world through art and paint strokes. Embrace your artistry this school year and indulge your creative passions by making amazing art. To do this, you’ll need to purchase a bunch of fabulous art supplies (which you’re already aware of) to start your fruitful journey.  

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Item: Calculator  

Real talk: You can be calculating when you need to be (no offense, Scorpio!), so why not put your innate skill to use by buying a baller calculator for math class? You’ll find that this tool can help you scheme and manipulate mathematical quandaries in ways you never thought possible.  

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Item: Backpack 

Your free spirit is always on the run, which is why you will need to get the swankiest and most amazing backpack to hold all of your essentials this school year. Being the bookworm that you are, having extra space in your backpack is important and necessary for library trips.  

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Item: Office supplies (pens, pencils, highlighters, and pencil case)

There is nothing that brings more delight to your hyper-organized heart than freshly sharpened No. 2 pencils and cool sparkly pens. Add a sweet pencil case and some highlighters to the bunch for extra fun and flair this school year. Treat yourself to an eraser and pencil sharpener, too.  

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Item: Computer

You’re always in tune with cutting-edge technology, which is why you’ll totally want to level up your electronics and buy a deluxe computer. Your revolutionary sentiments and desires will be at ease and tempered by the touch of your new shiny keyboard. For  the ultimate technological decadence, add a portable printer, too. 

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Item: Thermos

You can drift away in your thoughts and get lost in a daydream, which is why you need to keep a cool vintage thermos filled with warm tea or coffee by your side. It'll make sure you stay awake in class, thanks to the caffeine jolt that’ll come your way. 

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