Jill Layton
February 20, 2015 9:58 am

We are not exaggerating when we tell you that a Russian photographer has taken some of the best photographs of squirrels we have ever seen. EVER. Granted, we don’t see TONS of squirrel photos, probably because squirrels tend to be all. . . well, squirrely. We imagine it’s not an easy task getting them to chill long enough to take clear and perfect pictures. Which is exactly why nature photographer Vadim Trunov used trickery to get them to pose. We got the scoop on the shoot via Bored Panda, and here’s what we learned:

Because it’s winter and things are frozen, squirrels (and all wild animals) in Russia tend to be hungrier than usual. To get the squirrels to participate in the photo shoot, Trunov placed pine cones and nuts in front of his camera, and the squirrels knew exactly what to do. They went after the food, of course, but not without working their adorable magic — probably as a thank you for the delicious and much-needed food. They built a snow man, had a snow ball fight, played catch with pine cones and even took pictures of each other. At least, thanks to Trunov’s fantastic photog skillz, that’s how it LOOKS like it went down. Either way, we’re just going to believe that’s exactly what they were doing.

Side note: Russian squirrels are SO rad looking — with their huge mohawk ears.

Ready for some wintery squirrely adorableness?

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