Celebrate the end of summer with a good story.

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best august books
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We made it to August, one of the most divisive months of the year. For some, August is peak summer: hot days by the pool, warm nights on the patio, and a cool beverage in hand always. But for others, it’s the final stepping stone to fall: chunky wool sweaters, vibrant leaves changing colors, and pumpkin-flavored everything. Whichever camp you’re in, make the most of the last true month of summer with August’s best new books.

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best august books
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'Tomboyland: Essays' by Melissa Faliveno, out August 1st

It’s been an excellent summer for essay collections, and 'Tomboyland: Essays' is one of the best. Melissa Faliveno cuts right to the point, asking questions about gender expression, womanhood, queerness, home, identity, and more. Don’t miss this timely, beautifully written collection.

Shop it! $10.99, amazon.com.

best august books
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'The Death of Vivek Oji' by Akwaeke Emezi, out August 4th

You’re going to see a lot of hype around 'The Death of Vivek Oji.' And you should believe every last word of it. As the title suggests, this tender novel tells the story of the death of Vivek Oji. But, really, it tells the story of his brief life and how his loss affects the people he left behind. Gender, identity, belonging, and grief are just some of the topics Akwaeke Emezi tackles in their latest novel.

Shop it! $27, amazon.com.

best august books
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'The Comeback' by Ella Berman, out August 4th

When big-shot Hollywood director Able Yorke took teenage actress Grace Turner under his wing, she became a successful industry darling. But behind the scenes, he grossly abused his power over her, controlled her life, and manipulated her feelings. 'The Comeback' tells the satisfying story of how Grace realizes she has nothing left to lose and decides to expose the truth.

Shop it! $18.29, amazon.com.

best august books
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'Wandering in Strange Lands: A Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her Roots' by Morgan Jerkins, out August 4th

Morgan Jerkins has always been curious about her family tree and the roots of Black Americans. In 'Wandering in Strange Lands,' she traces her ancestry back 300 years and shares what she learned about the Great Migration, displacement, and disenfranchisement. The result is an eye-opening, well-researched portrait of Black life in America after slavery.

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best august books
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'The Weekend' by Charlotte Wood, out August 4th

Jude, Wendy, Adele, and Sylvie, a group of women in their seventies, have been friends their whole lives. After Sylvie dies, the three remaining women reunite for one final beach vacation—but quickly realize things aren’t the same without Sylvie, the now-missing link that balanced the group’s dynamic. 'The Weekend' is a bittersweet celebration of growing old together and an exploration of how complicated female friendships are.

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best august books
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'Luster' by Raven Leilani, out August 4th

'Luster' tells the story of Edie, a twentysomething trying to find her place in the world as an artist. She meets Eric, a man in an open marriage, and gets pulled into his complicated world with his wife and daughter. It’s a sharp, perceptive meditation on loneliness and finding yourself.

Shop it! $23.40, amazon.com.

best august books
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'The Book of Atlantis Black: The Search for a Sister Gone Missing' by Betsy Bonner, out August 4th

If you finished 'Unsolved Mysteries' on Netflix and want more, make 'The Book of Atlantis Black' your next read. The haunting true crime book follows a woman’s search for answers about the strange circumstances surrounding her sister’s death in a Tijuana hotel room. You’ll read it in one sitting.

Shop it! $26.95, amazon.com.

best august books
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'More Than Just a Pretty Face' by Syed M. Masood, out August 4th

Romance novels by BIPOC authors are finally getting the attention they deserve. If you need a feel-good story, check out 'More Than Just a Pretty Face.' It’s a YA rom-com about an unlikely young romance and familial expectations. You’ll have so much fun squeeing while you read it.

Shop it! $17.99, amazon.com.

best august books
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'Midnight Sun' by Stephenie Meyer, out August 4th

Life is hard and you deserve a new 'Twilight' novel. The Twilight Saga you know and love was told from Bella’s point of view. Now, you can relive it all over again through Edward’s eyes. There’s no shame in it, folks. Soak up all 672 pages of it.

Shop it! $17.32, amazon.com.

best august books
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'Now That I’ve Found You' by Kristina Forest, out August 25th

Right on the heels of Hollywood stardom, Evie suddenly finds herself blacklisted. She turns to her famous grandma, Gigi, a beloved actress, to help fix her image. But right before their public appearance, Gigi goes missing, and Evie sets out to find her with a cute musician named Milo. It’s a sweet adventurous romance that’s tons of fun to read.

Shop it! $17.99, amazon.com.