Every time you post on Tumblr, are you living the new American dream? Apparently so, according to one recent survey. has just released the findings of its 28th annual Jobs Rated Report which ranks 200 possible careers based on factors like salary, location and levels of stress. High end number crunchers seem to have it made, with jobs like data scientist and statistician topping the list. But the site added a little wrinkle to their results this year by also conducting a survey, asking their readers what they think the best and worst jobs are. Their number one pick? Blogger!

It’s hard not to see the appeal. Whether you’re writing about politics or My Little Ponies, or posting photos of your outfits, blogging immerses people in the things they’re most passionate about – usually from the comfort of their own home. Any job you can do in your pajamas, without getting an office demerit, seems cool by us. It may not always be the most stable path, with full-time employment and job opportunities a little hard to come by. But the internet is full of ambitious writers and content creators who managed to turn their blogs into careers. So we say, if blogging is your best job ever, start a site and get writing.

Other jobs that made it onto the best list included general physician (which actually tied for first place), CEO and photographer. A few truly odd jobs were also nominated, including one person who thought being a member of the Kardashian Family would be the greatest gig of all time. We have no idea how you go about applying to be a Kardashian, but if you figure it out you should totally write about it. It would make an amazing blog entry.