HelloGiggles Team
December 29, 2014 12:00 pm

HelloGiggles editors and contributors put down some dough for sneaks, vests, dresses and a lot of scarves this year. Read on!

Elena Sheppard: I know people (on The Mindy Project) make fun of these kicks, but I bought a pair of Nike wedge sneakers similar to these and I don’t think I’ve ever worn a shoe more.

Carly Lane: My Tina Belcher, handmade scarves from MoreMeKnow.com. They’re comfy and profess my undying Tina love.

Jennifer RomoliniThis is very specific, I know, but I have become fixated on painted-wood jewelry, particularly stud earrings, particularly these sweet painted gem stones.

Kathryn Lindsay: Mom jeans! If the ’90s are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Caroline GerdesI bought a couple American Apparel softball tees and they have been a solid staple this year.

Gina MeiThis whole collection is pretty darn special, but this shirt is my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect way to show your love of art and early 00s hip-hop all at once, which is really all you need in an item of clothing.

Brittany AllenMy two-toned, grey and teal ModCloth Mary Janes, because they make me feel like Joan Holloway.

Piper WeissA pair of used Ferragamo black boots. They’re killer with long skirts. I feel like my mom circa 1981.

Rachel Grate: Infinity scarves. I have one with text from Pride & Prejudice on it, and it just keeps me so much warmer than any other scarf. I love how you can decide how warm you want to be by twisting it another time around your neck.

Margaret Eby: This adorable fruit-patterned dress from ModCloth. It’s the perfect cotton sundress, cheery and bright and flattering. I wore it pretty much every other day this summer.

Jill LaytonMy faux-fur vest. It keeps my torso really warm. My arms are cold, but it’s worth it.

Amelia Olson: A wooden hair stick that has a carved cat on the top of it. I got it from Buffalo Exchange in their 50%-off section. It’s the cutest and holds my baby-fine hair so well.

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