HelloGiggles Team
Updated December 29, 2014

HelloGiggles editors and contributors put down some dough for sneaks, vests, dresses and a lot of scarves this year. Read on!

Elena Sheppard: I know people (on The Mindy Project) make fun of these kicks, but I bought a pair of Nike wedge sneakers similar to these and I don’t think I’ve ever worn a shoe more.

Carly Lane: My Tina Belcher, handmade scarves from MoreMeKnow.com. They’re comfy and profess my undying Tina love.

Jennifer Romolini: This is very specific, I know, but I have become fixated on painted-wood jewelry, particularly stud earrings, particularly these sweet painted gem stones.

Kathryn Lindsay: Mom jeans! If the ’90s are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Caroline Gerdes: I bought a couple American Apparel softball tees and they have been a solid staple this year.

Gina Mei: This whole collection is pretty darn special, but this shirt is my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect way to show your love of art and early 00s hip-hop all at once, which is really all you need in an item of clothing.

Brittany Allen: My two-toned, grey and teal ModCloth Mary Janes, because they make me feel like Joan Holloway.

Piper Weiss: A pair of used Ferragamo black boots. They’re killer with long skirts. I feel like my mom circa 1981.

Rachel Grate: Infinity scarves. I have one with text from Pride & Prejudice on it, and it just keeps me so much warmer than any other scarf. I love how you can decide how warm you want to be by twisting it another time around your neck.

Margaret Eby: This adorable fruit-patterned dress from ModCloth. It’s the perfect cotton sundress, cheery and bright and flattering. I wore it pretty much every other day this summer.

Jill Layton: My faux-fur vest. It keeps my torso really warm. My arms are cold, but it’s worth it.

Amelia Olson: A wooden hair stick that has a carved cat on the top of it. I got it from Buffalo Exchange in their 50%-off section. It’s the cutest and holds my baby-fine hair so well.

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